Wednesday Night Worship

Wednesday Night Worship

Located in the sanctuary at 6:40pm, the Wednesday Night Worship service is a contemplative service that offers a unique opportunity to slow down and be refreshed.

Each week there is a variety of music led by acoustic instruments and piano. Communion is served at the kneeling rail each week. The message is different from Sunday mornings.

The service runs seasonally from September through November and January through April.


Wednesday Night Worship starts again Wednesday, September 13th.


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What does the Bible say about God? Is God angry and wrathful? Does God really send floods and ask for child sacrifice? Are these ancient stories old and outdated or could they be massive steps forward in human consciousness? Could it be that they show us how the understanding of God has evolved throughout time? Could this very thing still be true today?



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Wednesday Night Children Activities

Children are encouraged to attend and are always welcome in worship. However, there are children's activities for certain periods of the year on Wednesday evenings.

Children's Activities



We are looking forward to seeing you Wednesdays at Mt Zion!