Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry

Mt. Zion is fortunate to have trained Stephen Ministers among us! Stephen Ministers receive 50 hours of training in how to be Caring Companions to those going through a crisis or a difficult time in their lives. Stephen Ministers are not counselors. Instead, they are committed members of our church who are trained to listen confidentially and visit consistently.

The Stephen Ministry motto is, "God is the Cure-giver, we are the Care-givers."  Upon request only, Stephen Ministers are sent to members and non-members who need a Christian friend to be with them and pray with them as they face a difficult situation, such as hospitalization, childbirth, separation and grief, anxiety and depression, loss of spouse, retirement changes, unemployment, or loss of mobility.

If you or someone you know could benefit from a Stephen Minister, please call the church office (704-892-8566) and we will help determine if a Stephen Minister can be assigned.  If you are interested in becoming a Stephen Minister, please contact the church office and one of our Stephen leaders will contact you.

“WHAT EXACTLY IS A STEPHEN MINISTER?” One way to put it is that Stephen Ministers are the After People. Stephen Ministers are there:
. . . after the phone call you hoped you’d never get.
. . . after the divorce papers are served and the bottom falls out of your life.
. . . after the funeral, when everyone has left and the emotions you’ve held at bay come crashing in on you.
. . . after the doctor says, “I’m sorry, but there’s nothing more we can do.”
. . . after the nursing home director shakes your hand and says, “Welcome to your new home.”
. . . after the last child honks the horn, waves, and drives away—and the house suddenly seems empty.
. . . after the gavel goes down, the handcuffs go on, and your loved one is led away.
. . . after the baby arrives, demanding more of you than you ever dreamed possible.
. . . after you find a pink slip with your final paycheck.
. . . after your family and friends have heard your story one too many times, but you still need to talk it out.

Stephen Ministers are the “After People.” They are ready to come alongside you—or your friends, neighbors, coworkers, or relatives—and provide comfort and support for as long after as needed. 
Please contact Margaret Langston (704-533-3040 or 704-892-8566) or Corinne Hendrix if you or someone you know needs a Stephen Minister or would like more information.

For more information please visit the National Stephen Ministry website by clicking here,