Congregational Care MInistry


“Your strong love for each other will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” John 13:35

The gift of life that we have been given is filled with mountain top experiences as well as time spent in the wilderness. As Christians, as the Body of Christ, we are all called to travel through life together. Whether it is the birth of a child, illness, or loss of a loved one, we are called and gifted to provide connection, consolation, and comfort.


The vision for Mt Zion's Congregational Care Ministry is to develop a ministry team of laypersons who assist the Pastoral staff in offering care and support to families and individuals in a personal and compassionate way, revealing God’s love and the love of the people called Mt Zion.


The primary focus of Mt Zion's Congregational Care Ministry is to develop and sustain a ministry of trained laity, called Congregational Care Ministers (CCMs), working with the Pastoral Staff to meet the care needs of our church family. Congregational Care Ministry (CCM) is a one-on-one congregational care giving program that can respond to a wide variety of congregational needs. This partnership between lay and clergy will enable us to provide an extended level of care to our church family. This partnership between laity and clergy will enable us to provide another level of care.

CCM exists to come alongside those in the Mt Zion family in seasons of sorrow, sickness and setbacks. CCM shows up in a number of ministries that are largely unseen, yet significant. These ministries range from hospital and shut-in visits, to fellowship for the retired and elderly, to a committed prayer team who prays over requests submitted on Sundays and during the week, to support groups for a wide variety of circumstances. We also take comfort in ministering to those who are grieving, joining them in their immediate sorrow and following up with them weeks, and sometimes months, after their loss.

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