Adult Sunday School

We invite you to enrich your Christian education, spiritual journey, and friendships through active participation in a Mt Zion Sunday School class. A wide variety of groups gather to learn, grow, and even gather outside of Sunday mornings for social and service events. Invest in a Sunday morning class and discover Christian community that can bring lifelong relationships.




All Sunday School Classes Meet from 9:45-10:40am

Classes in the Education Building (EB) - 2nd Floor

JOURNEY CLASS – Bible study & topical studies.  20’s to 40’s ages, singles & couples.  Members facilitate.  Discussion format. Meets in Room # 209 on the Education Building.

 WOODY WASHAM, SR., FRIENDSHIP CLASS  (Rm # 201 EB)          40-60+ ages, singles/couples. Bible Study & current issues. Members facilitate.                           


F. W. KIKER CLASS (Rm # 207 EB)                                             Women’s class of 70-90+ ages.  Bible Study using Methodist Quarterly. Set teachers lecture and discussion. 

DON BRIDGER CLASS (Rm # 204 EB)                                           Bible Study using Methodist Quarterly.  40-80+ ages, singles/couples.  Set teachers lecture and discussion. 

SONSEEKERS CLASS (Rm # 205 EB)                                           Bible study and current issues. 30-50+ ages, singles/couples. Members facilitate.  Life & faith issues. 

GEORGE KELLY CLASS (Rm # 208 EB)                                           40-60+ ages.  Bible Study using Methodist Quarterly.  Set teacher rotation.                                                                   

FELLOWSHIP BIBLE CLASS (Rm # 203 EB)                                    40-60+ ages, singles/couples. Bible study & current issues. Members facilitate.